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I got a Peertube instance!

fediverse peertube

Hello people! This site keep expanding! The other day I made a Peertube instance:

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3D adventures!

3D gamedev

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I updated my site but here I am, back in the net. Let me tell you what I’ve been doing during this time…

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internet blog

I was finally able to put webmentions on my website and I will tell you how I did it.

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Yesterweb Cafe

3d internet Mozilla Hubs

Hi again everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little quiet around here but I’m back. For the last couple of months I’ve been learning Unity and Blender to try to make a game with a friend so that’s what got me a little away from this site, but well this is not what this post is about. This one is about the YESTERWEB CAFE!, a Mozilla Hubs Room. But… what is Mozilla Hubs?

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blog linux

Hi everyone! Finally I started to use HUGO to make my website. I had tried HUGO before but thought that it was too much for me at that moment but now the website has really grow in size and with all the sections it was getting kinda annoying to handle. There are still things to fix but now all the sections are already functional.

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Liliumdust - Sway (I edited this video!)

music video

Liliumdust - SWAY Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been gone from here mostly because I’ve been working on a music video for a friend’s band: Liliumdust. I done the editing of it and I think it ended pretty well, you can watch it on youtube down here: Enjoy it!

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My first bash script

blog linux

./ Hey! Look at that, I made a bash script to update my site! The script in question it’s nothing fancy, just a bunch of rsyncs attached together, a couple of echoes that write a coment on my Neocities index and the progression bar on top to make it look good. By the way, the progression bar it’s from this github repository: Pollev’s Bash Progress bar This was a fun little project that will save me some time when I want to update this space and also was helpfull to learn the basics of bash scripting.

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Guestbook open!


After fighting a little bit with php (it is my first time using it) this site has a guestbook once again. I used to have one but hosted in one of those free guestbook sites, now it’s all hosted by myself. Go check it out and leave a message!: Guestbook!

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Neo Aristocratic Decadence (New song!)

blog music music video

Neo Aristocratic Decadence Hi everyone! I got out of the cryogenic chamber and made a new song but this time I made a video for it with some scenes from the movie Eyes Wide Shut In a side not I fix the blog a little bit so now it looks much better with each post in its own box Well, that’s everything for today, I hope you enjoy the video and I will try to come up with music more often.

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Bye bye Neocities

blog internet

Neocities, one of the best places of the modern web Hello everyone! For the past couple of days I was moving my site from Neocities to my own VPS. Neocities is a great site, (in my opinion the best one if you want to have your own website but don’t know much about or just don’t wan’t to deal with all the technical side of getting one up and ready) but now I think it’s time to move on so I can expand this site and the stuff I can do with it.

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