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Covid Tales

Depiction of the moment I got the test results After seeing how more and more people got COVID at my work it finally was my turn. Luckly my simptoms weren’t too severe but they were bad enough to keep me in bed for a week and a half. How did I spent that time? Someone can ask; well, like any normal person would: trying out linux on my laptop and staying awake during the night configuring dwm

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The Art of Code - Great video to watch

The other day I found this video: The Art of Code It brought me kinda back in time when I was in elementary school and they teach us how to use LOGO Writer and then when I was 11 years old and my father brought me a bunch of PC magazines that talked about stuff like Obfuscated C Code and Conway’s Game of Life. If you are somewhat interested in computers and how they work you should watch this.

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DEATH TO SPOTIFY, get good old mp3s

There is no point for Spotify or any of those streaming platforms. If you want to listen to my music you don’t need that crap anymore, just go to MUSIC and download the mp3 files. If you got them, first of all thank you! I hope you enjoyed it. Now those files are yours, do with them whatever you want. Grafo Volaverunt 11/21/2020

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First Blog entry! - Returning to the old ways

Tired of the limitations and demands of social networks, I decided to create my own website and thus have a space where I can show my music in the best possible way. Welcome to my little corner of the web. Grafo Volaverunt 9/27/2020

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