It's been a while but now this is an update!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time so this post is just going to be an update on stuff I’ve been doing lately.

3D things

I’ve been diving a lot with Blender and other 3D software like Nomad Sculpt (for sculpting, wich I found out to be a very enjoyable way to create 3D models).

Character I made on Nomad Sculpt

With that character from before I’m setting up things to make a game on Unreal Engine. It’s still in an early stage (I’m learning all these tools as I go) so it’s going to take a while but nontheless soon I will be able to post a video to show how all this is looking.

Owncast setup

I want to start streaming more often (while I make a song or just doing things on Blender). For that I’m setting up things with OBS and Owncast. The current setup is looking like this:

My last OBS layout

For the camera to get that effect, I’m using a Xbox Kinect v2. A couple of days ago I uploaded a little video to my Peertube to show how it works, here it is:

Testing the Kinect while playing the violin

This site!

If you visited this site before you can see I give it a new look to it. No really a reason for it other than wanted to fix a bunch of little things but most than all just wanted to give it a new look, I like to do that from time to time. And for last I updated the Lainchan webring, I bet there are a lot of site missing but I will try to add them as I’m finding them.

Well, that was it for now, I will try to keep updating this space more often (at least once a month I will try) but this is it for now.

See you all in the next one!