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Hi again! This is what I've been up to

It’s been a while since my last post here (the last one was on May I think) and many things new happened (music stuff, 3d stuff and game stuff!).

Music stuff first. I’ve recorded a song with Katastrofaith 37 and we made a music video where aside of recording my violin parts I did some of the 3D scenes on it (I’m pretty proud of how the FPS scene ended hehe).

Katastrofaith 37 - MachineGUN!!!

It was something really fun to do and also a perfect way to start practicing with my electric violin!

My electric violin! It is a NS Design NXTa violin

For a long long time I wanted to get one of these in my hands (until now I used a pick up on my accoustic violin to play with bands) I always have been curious about trying out effects, distortions and that sort of things so you will see me again here posting about my journey into mastering the electric violin heheh.

Aside of music something I got really in lately is Blender. Back in March I made a little post about starting to learn Blender and wanting to make a game and that didn’t change in all this time. I kept practicing with it and now I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I don’t want to talk too much more about the game right now mostly because I wanna wait until I have something more substantial to show you know? But at the same time I want to post more often about this here to keep some sort of devlog, we will see.

This could be the main character! I did him while learning how to sculpt on Blender

Well, that was all for today! Hope everyone reading this is having a good day


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