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Hi again! This is what I've been up to 3D gamedev music video

It’s been a while since my last post here (the last one was on May I think) and many things new happened (music stuff, 3d stuff and game stuff!).

Neo Aristocratic Decadence (New song!) music video
Neo Aristocratic Decadence Hi everyone! I got out of the cryogenic chamber and made a new song but this time I made a video for it with some scenes from the movie Eyes Wide Shut In a side not I fix the blog a little bit so now it looks much better with each post in its own box Well, that’s everything for today, I hope you enjoy the video and I will try to come up with music more often. Read more...
I finally finished a new music video! 'Garden of Secrets' is out! music video
Garden of Secrets cover art by Michi Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that I have some new music to release, and this time it’s alongside a music video In these days I will work on having the song as a direct download in this website as well as the video. With this song out I will try to have music out more often and one of my goals for this year is having a full album before the year ends so… we will see how that goes but anyway, wish me luck! Read more...
Myspace whoring in 2021 social media video
Forgive me father Hello everyone, I had sin and I need to confess. I know all social media is bullshit, I know that it’s just a machine designed to crawl into your mind and force you to spend countless hours in front of your phone pouring oceans of meaningless information straight into your mind. I know this, I’m aware of it, but… maybe, I said to myself, maybe if I just use it as a promotion tool for my music, maybe then I can take advantage of it and get something out of it. Read more...
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