Buenos Aires is a city of violent nuances that are part of a strange symbiosis that is difficult to explain; It’s like a beautiful young woman with delicate and sweet features who seems to be at the full of her life but who in turn is infested with countless evil tumors that consume her inside and steal her life. In its bowels, the souls bound to the city sail tirelessly and aimlessly. They embrace the hope that the river will have an end and a port of bliss that receives them with open arms, but time passes and hope gradually dies into a pile of ashes that do not even resemble what form they had in their golden years. Time passes and in each of those years thousands of navigators launch into those turbulent waters embracing the same hopes and making the same mistakes that their predecessors, ignoring with all their might one of the few truths that exist in this world: The rivers of Buenos Aires are infinite and cross each other, the port does not exist, everyone is doomed to sail until the ashes are scattered by the wind and the ship sinks into oblivion. Providence decided to make the world this way. Happiness was not made to be available to man, the hope is only an unattainable sun on the horizon. In his attempt to protect us, the providence decided that no dream should be fulfilled, for one’s dreams are the nightmares of others.

Away from the sight of the common man, under the skin of the city, there is a forbidden place within his own veins that must not be held accountable to any law, neither of God nor of man. Few came to know her real name and far less could see her with her own eyes. The sayings of the legends and gossip of the madmen say that that place is not made of ordinary matter like the rest of Buenos Aires and the universe, but that its paths, its walls and its sky is built with blocks of ideas. A dangerous and powerful material, but above all: tempting. Those who are most tempted to reach their soil and see the color of their walls are a small group that always share characteristics, are those that their dreams are not the nightmares of any other but are the subject matter of their own horrors. They, the damned, know the true nature of the city, they know that nothing makes sense and that knowledge is what moves them. The Damned, sunk in that chaos, seek order and make sense of all those fragments of reality that move randomly around the city because they believe that that act will be able to fill the pit of darkness that are their hearts, however, even if they are different from the rest, they are also souls tied to the city and its rules and so they are also wrong.

December 2013, the stars are propitious again and the path to the dreamlands has been visible again in the eyes of men. But men have forgotten the legends, the Damned ones who sailed the earth in search of that corner of the world have completely disappeared and the few that remain are not even aware of their condition. We live in a sad and strange time, aware of our fleetingness we have resigned ourselves to it and finally the world has overcome us and can now quietly devour us. However, among all the men of the world, there was one who (perhaps by mere chance) knew how to see that path, and saw it open before him, and at that very moment the flame asleep in him suddenly awoke and burned with the force that hides all the flames that sleep in men and devouring it completely made him open his eyes and hypnotized him to the world that had suddenly appeared before him leading him to that path that he had abandoned so long.

The awakened walked forward for days watching Buenos Aires slowly mutate at every step, revealing its true form, showing its true purpose. The man saw in seconds the fleeting existence of thousands of men and women who did not attempt to change the city, saw them pass happily but asleep and finally forgotten. He also saw the city disguise itself as a man to deceive people, slowly devouring us to perpetuate itself and be immortal and immutable.

Another thousand horrors paraded before the Cursed’s eyes as he was getting closer and closer to the Dreamlands until finally an immense portal appeared before him. In that door were engraved the destinies of all men who dwelt, dwelled and will inhabit the earth. The man stopped, knew that if he opened that door he could no longer go back, now he had to choose: go through the door and have in his hands ideas made matter and the ability to mold them, or return to the Buenos Aires of old, and sleep peacefully and happy, ignorant of the reality that hides the city.
The man was tempted to imagine a peaceful life and then a death bed surrounded by loved ones, but the flame of the unharmed burned again in him, taking him away from that vision and helping him to take the final step that caused him through the portal.

And a new world opened before him.

Explaining what the new awakening saw is simply impossible. He saw all his ideas and thoughts become flesh, as time ceased to be linear and every moment of his life became eternities that overlapped each other. The man saw all the truths of the world and the universe and asked himself questions that he could never have imagined.

At that moment the awakened knew how the gods feel and did not want to leave that state. Desperate, seeing that the stars were abandoned the position that had dragged him down the path of the Cursed, the Awakened to travel through all the ideas of flesh that now flew around seeking the help that would allow him to remain in that state of omniscience that had intoxicated him. And the answer came before him: To be immortal, to become eternal and immutable, that was the answer to be forever omniscient, forever God.

Finally, the stars abandoned their position and the path to the land of dreams was once again hidden.

January 2014, the Awakened made a mistake, like his predecessors, copying the form of the only immortal he knows. Buenos Aires is now going to be colder and crueler than ever.