If you are learning how to use Blender this is a total must site to visit.

A lot of tutorials that go just to the point.


The best place to get your weeb music sheets.

I’ve been using this website for years and it only gets better


Really cool zine to check out if you are interested in all kinds of cyberpunk themes. Perfect for these times because you know…

Present day, present time hahaahahhahaha


This is Sadness personal website. Really cool articles and if you want to have your own website but don’t know where to start all that you need to know is in there!


400 photos of the Buenos Aires subway system


Thousands of textures for your sites and 3D worlds!


Huge page that tracks all the Touhou music around (official and fanmade).

Go to it to get some good tunes.


Wiby is a search engine that only index simple HTML pages (AKA good pages). An excellent way to start diving into the non corporate web.

Lainchan webring

This is my copy of the unofficial lainchan webring.

Around the NET

Here you can find links to all the places I am around the web but if you want to contact me directly you can do it by sending me an email to: grafovolaverunt@protonmail.com or by XMPP: grafo@grafo.zone


If you have a site and want to make a link to mine you can use this buttons (and also let me know when you do!) 88x31


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