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3D adventures!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I updated my site but here I am, back in the net. Let me tell you what I’ve been doing during this time…

I’m making a game with a friend! or… at least trying to because I don’t know anything about making games. So far I’ve been learning how to use Blender and Unity so the project it’s still on its infancy. The Blender side of things I think its what got more progress so far. I’ve been doing what’s going to be the first level (the game is suposed to take place on the Buenos Aires subway system) and some of the monster that you are going to face during the game.

Mistery phone in "Los Incas Station"
In the coming days (or weeks or months, we will see) I will post here the progress of all this and critics or suggestions for this are more than welcome! (you can leave comments on the post by interacting with this trough twitter and Mastodon).

New guy who is currently on the works!

I hope we are able to finish this but even if not it’s been really cool learning how to do 3D stuff.

The Aracnid

See you later!

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